Monitoring the food safety and quality of delivered products


Receive notifications of real-time vulnerabilities, compliance and disruptions.


Create secured ledgers including transactions, locations, and more

An IoT Powered, Smart Supply Chain Monitoring

Our integrated suite of products enabling processors to more effectively buy and sell equipment, improve their production cycle, and ship to retailers. For logistics companies, IoT-powered  supply chain track & trace enables delivery verification and real-time cold chain monitoring that subsequently improves quality of on-demand pickup and drop off transactions.

Seamless and Easy Integration

TrackLoop streamlines monitoring the integrity of temperature-sensitive products and decentralizes network of records, all in real time. TrackLoop currently integrates with leading ERP solutions, enabling customers to easily visualize and leverage supply chain analytics for monitoring and planning purposes.

Built On Real-time Connectivity

Our platform offers smart supply chain tracking for the emerging Cannabis, Food, & Pharma logistics industry. The real-time tracking solution offers the very latest in IoT and AI, providing valuable data and business intelligence, all in real time.
Easy to use
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