• A major opportunity is arising in Pharma logistics due to a need for real-time traceability of supply chains.
  • There is a dire need to streamline operations in the Pharma supply chain.
  • Pharmaceutical Commerce’s annual market forecast projects 12.7% YOY growth[1]
  • The 2018 market for pharma cold chain logistics is $15 billion.[1]
  • Cold-chain logistics spending is forecast to grow from $13B in 2016 to more than $18B by 2022. [1]


“The rule of thumb for many years now has been that the sales volume of temperature-controlled products grows at twice the rate of pharma overall, and that is continuing for the near term,” says Nick Basta, editor of Pharmaceutical Commerce. “Growth rates for the logistics services to deliver these products also grow at a much faster rate than overall pharma logistics…” [1]

In the Pharma industry, spending on devices and systems for CRT (controlled-room-temperature) shipping are increasing, with the majority of the spending going to improved monitoring of shipping conditions and increased use of temperature-controlled delivery vehicles [2]

The pharmaceutical industry’s increased demand for cold-chain solutions can be attributed to its need for maintaining safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals.  The cold chain in this sector is also driven by strict regulations such as the GDP (Goods Distribution Practices) in the EU. [3]

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