A major opportunity exists in the food delivery industry due to

1) systemic food waste problems and
2) the lack of real-time traceability of supply chains.


  • 40% of the world’s annual food production is lost due to poor logistics, food safety, and lack of training
  • In the developed world, more than 30% of all perishable produce and products never make it all the way from the farm to the table.
  • Food waste in the United States alone represents $218 billion in losses, with $18.2 billion lost by grocery retailers in wasted retail space.
  • The global cold chain market is projected to be worth more than $450 billion by 2025.
  • One in six Americans contract a food-borne illness every year, according to the CDC.

One of the most effective measures of reducing food losses is implementing cold chain management—namely, temperature-controlled production, storage and distribution activities.

The increase in food waste creates an opportunity to apply real-time connectivity and Machine-to-Machine technologies to improve upon the on-demand transportation sector.

Problems with conventional approaches:

Current logistics solutions are challenging to implement, due to poor software compatibility and high integration costs.

Many current options for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and internet of things (IoT) multi-platform integration make real-time tracking difficult and highly expensive—reaching up to a $500,000 multi-year increment cost per enterprise.

TrackLoop Solution

  • Real-time Traceability

    TrackLoop responds to the demand for regulated real-time traceability along the food delivery supply chains.

  • Fully Integrated

    TrackLoop is an end-to-end, fully integrated hardware/software company for real-time and IoT-driven food delivery supply chain monitoring, planning, & analytics, providing critical data and insights to some of the world’s leading food delivery brands.

  • Supply Chain Monitoring

    TrackLoop’s platform involves IoT and smart Supply Chain monitoring that enables food processors to more effectively buy and sell equipment, improve their production cycle, and ship to retailers. For food logistics companies, IoT-powered Supply Chain track & trace enable delivery verification and real-time cold chain monitoring and reporting.

TrackLoop’s platform also benefits its clients by streamlining key operating conditions along the supply chain at 30% of the industry standard cost, and 20% of the time compared to the current control systems.

By using Blockchain technology, TrackLoop offers its users a trusted and de-centralized data ledger, with automated, real-time track and trace. By decentralizing the barcode system, TrackLoop’s users can seamlessly integrate their inventory with a setup cost much lower than competitors, all while meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Targeting the $250 billion food logistics market with an end-to-end real-time monitoring solution.
  • Competitive advantage through strong barriers to entry for new players.
  • Strategic focus on the urban delivery market, already attracting major players such as SPUD, BYD and multiple commercial agreements.
  • One of the few publicly traded end-to-end supply chain tracking companies.
  • The only end-to-end integrated API, with up to 70% reduction in integration cost and lowest operational down-time.
  • Proven revenue traction and customer validation from Fortune 100 companies.
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