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  • For temperature monitoring services, it’s critical to ensure shared traceability of the temperature and events history for every step and every company involved in the cold chain.
  • Current barcoding and paper-based record keeping are highly vulnerable to data manipulation, data loss and lack of traceability along the cold chain nodes.


Trackloop’s solutions can help minimize discrepancies and streamline
the entire process for product integrity and data visibility

  • A supply chain traceability software solution, specialized for the on-demand delivery of fresh and frozen products

  • Monitor the quality, freshness, and integrity of delivered products

  • Fully integrated hardware/software solution for real-time monitoring of refrigerated supply chain

  • Real-time vulnerabilities and disruption notifications via SMS or email

  • Identify, analyze, and plan the delivery condition and track products quality from farm-to-fork

  • Gain competitive advantage by 360° secured access to records of deliveries

You’ll be able to easily analyze the aspects of the product supply chain that you care about most while saving time and money

Trackloop offers the ultimate solution

For fleet managers, monitoring providers and owner operators, a shared record history is required, particularly at delivery and processing steps.

Trackloop’s cold chain solutions provide secure records for delivery temperatures at every point in a product’s value chain. This is critical input that producers, supply chain managers and end-users can use to identify potential contamination, non-compliance with food safety regulations, and quality control issues, all in real-time.


The only end-to-end, fully integrated hardware/software solutions for real-time and IoT-driven supply chain monitoring, planning & analytics

Easy Integration

Easily integration to ERP and other enterprise data sources within your firm


Determine product sources

Quality assurance

Evaluate delivery conditions

Boost conversions

Identify opportunities for supply chain optimization

Growth strategy

Develop strategies for improving product quality


Attract high caliber partners and suppliers


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